Week 6

This week I created a interface class for PortAudio (cross-platform audio device handling library). It’s easy to use, just reimplement the abstract callback function, select how many channels, sample frequency and which device you wanna use. Based on this class I created the first version of my PortAudioSource for adsp.xconvolver. I also extended the room correction dialog (see the following screenshot) with spin controls to select the sample frequency and the audio device.
RoomCorrection dialog prototype_2

This weekend I managed to get my prototype working and I did the first measurements, which were saved in wave files:

Original signal in time- and frequency domain:




Loopback signal in time- and frequency domain:



You can see that high frequencies are damped by the soundcards analog digital converter. 😛


Nearfield measurement in time- and frequency domain:



I know it’s a cery cheap speaker and frequency response is very bad, but that’s my speaker system for development. 😉


Here are some photos from my measurement equipment:

Microphone&Amp IMG_8083_Speaker


If all is stable and working I will repeat the measurement with my Denon X2000 and Teufel 5.1 speaker system.


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  1. Olivier

    This is very interesting !
    Following you since the beginning of this project and impatient to read each week report !


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