Monthly Archive: May 2015

Week 4

This week I simplified and improved the signal flow graph for measuring room impulse responses.

V2__measurementsI also improved and simplified the software architecture for adsp.xconvolver.


In the next step I fixed and improved library.kodi.audioengine, which is necessary to send audio samples towards Kodi’s Audio Engine (ActiveAE). This allows me to open audio streams with any format (data format, sample frequency and speaker layout) like DVDPlayer or PAPlayer.

After that I created the first version of the CaptureDevice class hierarchy. It’s not final and I will discuss it with my mentors during the next week.

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Week 3

  • I ported adsp.xconvolver and LibXConvolver to Linux
  • I tested the new addon library kodi.library.audioengine
  • I created a exponential sine sweep wave file with Audacity and wrote a class that can load this wave file and send it through library.kodi.audioengine which sends it through ActiveAE
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